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Managing Integrations with Email and Fax Servers

Siebel Business Applications include communications drivers that support email and fax. These drivers are the Internet SMTP/IMAP Server driver and the Internet SMTP/POP3 Server driver. For more information about specifying recipients for email or fax messages, see Configuring Recipient Groups for Requests and Advanced Templates and Configuring Recipients for Send Commands. For more information about communications drivers, see Communications Drivers Provided with Siebel Business Applications and Process of Setting Up Communications Driver Profiles.

The Internet SMTP/IMAP Server driver and the Internet SMTP/POP3 Server driver support inbound email for Siebel Email Response and support outbound email and fax messages for other Siebel application modules and features. Outbound email and fax messages are sent using:

  • Siebel Email Response (email only).
  • Send Email and Send Fax commands.
  • Outbound communication requests views in the Administration - Communications screen (for administrators) and Communications screen (for users).
  • Workflow policies and workflow processes that you create using Siebel Workflow.
  • Any module that invokes methods of the Outbound Communications Manager business service to send email or fax messages.
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