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Status Settings for Server Requests

For each outbound communication request record, the Status field in the Jobs view displays one of the following values:

  • Queued. Server Request Processor and Server Request Broker queued the request, and the request is not yet passed to the Communications Outbound Manager server component.
  • Active. The request is currently processing.
  • Success. The request successfully processed.
  • On Hold. An administrator placed the request on hold. Placing a request on hold removes it from the queue.
  • Cancelled. An administrator cancelled the request.

    NOTE:  After an outbound communication request is submitted for processing, you can cancel it as a server request only from the Jobs view. You can cancel a request only if it has a status of On Hold or Queued.

  • Error. An error occurred during request processing, and Server Request Processor and Server Request Broker did not successfully pass the request to Communications Outbound Manager.

    NOTE:  If a request has the Error status, then use one of the communication request views to obtain more detailed status information. For more information, see Monitoring Outbound Communication Requests.

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