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Process of Setting Up Response Groups

A response group includes input arguments that define the behaviors for one or more profiles. Communications Inbound Receiver processes each item by using the input arguments in the response group. When Communications Inbound Receiver starts, it searches for all active response groups and starts them. Because Siebel Workflow manages Siebel Email Response functionality, response groups use the Workflow Process Manager business service and the RunProcess method for Siebel Email Response work items as defaults.

You begin the process of setting up a response group by creating the response group. Then, you assign input arguments that tell Communications Inbound Receiver how to monitor incoming email for all profiles in the response group. Input arguments enable you to define auto-acknowledgment messages, error messages, and business component fields. Each response group method has different input argument settings.

NOTE:  You cannot change the method name of a response group after you generate input arguments.

After making any changes to a response group or profile, you must submit the response group changes so that these changes take effect. Then you associate the response group with profiles (email addresses). The input arguments that you assign to the response group control the processing of all email that is sent to these profiles.

CAUTION:  Do not associate a profile with more than one active response group. Messages might be lost if you associate a profile with more than one active response group.

To set up response groups, perform the following tasks:

  1. Creating Response Groups
  2. Adding Input Arguments to Response Groups
  3. Associating Profiles with Response Groups
  4. Submitting Changes for Response Groups
  5. Starting Response Groups

CAUTION:  Do not delete a response group from the Profiles list. Communications Outbound Manager might be using it to send a message, and email messages might be lost. Delete a response group only from the response group.

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