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Starting Response Groups

You can automatically or manually start a response group. After you start a response group, the response group is in effect and its input arguments can control email processing.

When Communications Inbound Receiver starts, it looks at the Startup and Server field to determine if a response group must be started. When the Startup field for a response group changes from blank to Active, Communications Inbound Receiver picks up the change, and the response group is automatically started.

Each response group has one component task. For two or more response groups, two or more component tasks are automatically started. Communications Inbound Receiver can start multiple component tasks, one task for each response group. Each task has multiple subtasks, representing a workflow thread that can process inbound messages.

This task is a step in Process of Setting Up Response Groups.

To manually start a response group

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Communications screen, then the All Response Groups view.
  2. In the Response Group list, select the response group that you want to start.
  3. In the Response Group form, verify that the Server field value is the Siebel Server name and the Startup field value is Active.
  4. In the Response Groups menu drop-down list, select Submit Response Group Changes.
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