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About Profiles for Communications Drivers

You initially configure a communications driver by setting default parameter values for the driver in the Communications Drivers and Profiles view.

You can make a communications driver available to serve a particular purpose by creating one or more profiles that reference the driver. For each profile, you can specify parameter values to override the parameters of the referenced driver or to provide values that not specified.

Administrators can specify in the Communications Drivers and Profiles view the Siebel responsibilities and organizations that can see the profiles that users specify in some of the contexts of use. For more information, see Contexts of Use for Communications Driver Profiles.

Profile visibility applies to the Send Email window (in the Siebel native email client) and Send Fax window, to email reply features for Siebel Email Response, and to outbound communication requests. Users can see only those profiles that are associated with both their responsibilities and their organizations, or the profiles they create themselves.

If your company includes multiple organizations, then administrators can associate each profile with a responsibility and an organization. For example, Siebel Email Response might use this association to find the contact for an inbound email message.

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