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Email Servers That Oracle Validates

The Internet SMTP/IMAP Server and Internet SMTP/POP3 Server drivers are provided with Siebel Business Applications and are validated to work with several third-party email servers. For more information about currently supported third-party email servers and related products, see Siebel System Requirements and Supported Platforms on Oracle Technology Network and the third-party vendor documentation. For information about using the Internet SMTP/IMAP Server or Internet SMTP/POP3 Server driver to integrate Siebel Communications Server with email servers, see Managing Integrations with Email and Fax Servers.

The Internet SMTP/IMAP Server and Internet SMTP/POP3 Server drivers are compliant with the following RFC standards:

  • 1894: delivery status notification
  • 1939: POP3 (Internet SMTP/POP3 Server driver only)
  • 2045 - 2049: MIME
  • 2821: SMTP
  • 2822: text message syntax
  • 3207: SMTP session encryption using SSL

NOTE:  Configure your email servers appropriately to work with Siebel applications. For example, for security reasons, your SMTP server might restrict from which originating computers outbound email messages can be relayed. In this scenario, you must configure the SMTP server to allow message relay from the Siebel Server computers running the Outbound Communications Manager server component.

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