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Lookup Sender Step

This step uses the inbound email sender's email address to search the list of contact records in the Siebel database for a matching email address. When the match is found, the step returns the row ID of the contact and the row ID of the contact's primary account and continues processing the request. The eMail Response - Process Service Request workflow uses the row ID values in the following ways:

  • The Submit and Update subprocesses use the row ID values to set values for the service request and activity records.
  • The Status subprocess uses the row ID values to find the service request record.
  • If the workflow finds no records, then the workflow branches to an error condition and sends the inbound email sender a notification that authentication failed.

The Lookup Sender step uses the FindRecord method in the Inbound Email Siebel Operation business service to query a specific business object and business component. The step uses developer-defined input arguments to specify the business object, the business component, the field, the value to search the field with, and the field to provide the return value. The output argument of the step maps a process property from the workflow process to the value field that the query returns.

In the standard workflow process, the Lookup Sender step finds the Mail Agent Contact business component in the Mail Agent Activity business object. In the Mail Agent Contact business component, the step gets the value from the Email Address field and compares this value to the MsgSenderAddress process property. When the step finds a matching contact record, it returns the Account ID field value and ID field value from that record. In some cases, users might need to modify the authentication logic so that the processing is based on a different business component, a different field, and so on.

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