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The Siebel eSales Web Site

The home page gives customers an overview of the Web site and displays both the accessible catalogs and recommended products. Registered users can also access their account information.

The Web site uses the templates provided with Siebel customer applications. You could use these templates for creating portal pages to which you can add text, as well as links to HTML pages and documents. Portal pages can display marketing collateral, news articles, group news, financial information, press releases, and other kinds of unstructured content.

For information on customizing Web pages, see Using Siebel Tools.

Customers link to other pages by clicking tabs or hyperlinks on the home page. The following pages display more detailed information:

  • Catalog. This page provides access to the products and services on your company's Siebel eSales Web site.
  • Shopping Cart. The Shopping Cart stores the products and services selected by customers. Each line item in the Shopping Cart displays the item's reference price and the customer's personalized price.
  • My Account. The My Account page allows end users to update their user profiles, as well as view their favorites, saved quotes, saved orders, and registered products.

    By registering and tracking their products, end users can receive product news or alerts, track warranty agreements, receive recommendations on scheduled services, and submit and track service requests related to their products.

    Through the My Account page, end users can check their outstanding order status. They can also reorder items from their favorites list, templates, and orders.

    Registered users with delegated customer administration privileges can add other users and edit user profiles. Delegated customer administrators can set the roles of other users within their accounts. The role indicates whether a registered user has both purchasing and administrative responsibilities.

    All quotes and orders for a user are visible to that user on the My Account page, including those created in Siebel Sales and Siebel Call Center.

    NOTE:  If you do not want a user to be able to order a particular item from his or her favorites list or templates, you must delete the item from the appropriate price list or make it inactive. Removing the item from the catalog will not prevent the user from ordering that item.

    If your company also has a license for Siebel Orders, depending on your configuration, you can automatically create asset records. If your company has also purchased Siebel eCustomer or Siebel eService, this does not prevent end users from registering products that they did not buy from your company. For more information about registered products, see Siebel eService Administration Guide.

  • Parametric Search. Parametric search allows users to take advantage of the class system by searching for products based on values of the attributes of those products. Instead of entering free-form search strings into a full-text search engine, users of parametric search can select from known attributes (for example color, size, shape, and maximum temperature) of a particular class of products. They can then compare the products that result from their search.
  • Contact Us. Customers can use the Contact Us page to contact your company for customer service or sales by email, mail, and fax, or to find your company's nearest branches. See Siebel eService Administration Guide for additional information.

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