Siebel eSales Administration Guide

What's New in This Release

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Siebel eSales Overview

About Siebel eSales

The Siebel eSales Web Site

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Setting Up Siebel eSales

Process of Setting Up Siebel eSales

Installing Siebel Business Applications

Setting Up Order Management for Siebel eSales

Customizing the eSales User Interface

Removing the Siebel Advisor Applet from Siebel eSales Web Pages

Implementing Siebel eSales Without Frames

Creating Unstructured Content for the eSales Web Site

Creating Multilingual eSales Web Sites

Controlling User Access to the eSales Web Site

Setting Up Default Responsibilities and User Types for eSales

Defining Access Groups

Setting Up Price Lists for Siebel eSales

Configuring Siebel eSales

Setting Up Personalization for Siebel eSales

Setting Up Shipping Charge Calculations for Siebel eSales

Encrypting Credit Card Data with RC2 Encryption

Customizing Email Notifications for Siebel eSales

Activating Workflows for Siebel eSales

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Integrating Siebel eSales with Third-Party Payment Applications

About CyberSource Internet Commerce Suite

Installing CyberSource Software

Enabling Credit Card Transactions with CyberSource

CyberSource Integration with Siebel eSales

Credit Card Transaction Service Business Service

Integration Objects

Data Maps

CyberSource Adapter Service Business Service

Address Verification with CyberSource

Customizing Cybersource Integration

Modifying the Scripts in the CyberSource Adapter Service

Passing Data from Other Fields in the Siebel Database

Passing Data from Fields Not in the Siebel Database

Calling the Credit Card Transaction Service from Other Places in Siebel eSales

Calling the Credit Card Transaction Service from Other Business Components

Using Other Third-Party Payment Applications

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Integrating Siebel eSales with Third-Party Shipment Tracking Applications

About Shipment Tracking Applications

Process of Setting Up Shipment Tracking

Setting the Shipment Tracking-Package Tracking User Properties

Verifying the External Shipment Tracking ASI User Properties

Configuring Web Services for Shipment Tracking

Extending Returned Data for Shipment Tracking

Changing the Package Sorting Order

Turning Off Package Sorting

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Administering Siebel eSales

Setting Quote Expiration Dates

Managing Anonymous Shopping Carts

About Setting Up Customer Accounts

About Allowing Accounts and Contacts to Use Purchase Orders

Allowing Contacts to Use Purchase Orders

Modifying Credit Card Charges

Reversing Charges

Querying For Transactions With Error Messages

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Siebel eSales Shopping Cart

About eSales Shopping Cart

Quote Types in Siebel eSales

Shopping Service Business Service

Customizing the Shopping Service

Shopping Service Business Service Methods

Run-Time Events in Siebel eSales

Object Manager Support for Shopping Cart

Viewing Default Object Manager Parameters

Modifying Object Manager Parameters in the Web Client

Modifying Object Manager Parameters in the Mobile Web Client

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Siebel eSales Workflow Reference

About Siebel eSales Workflows

Activating Siebel eSales Workflows

Siebel eSales Quote and Template Workflows

eSales - Edit Quote Process

eSales - Order Quote Process

eSales - Reprice Process

eSales - Save Cart Process

eSales - Add To Template Process

eSales - Delete Old Anonymous Quotes

Siebel eSales Checkout Workflows

eSales - Checkout Process

Credit Check - Quotes (eSales)

eSales - Enter Shipping Details Process

eSales - Enter Payment Details Process

eSales - Complete Checkout Process

eSales - Authorize Order Process

eSales - Save Credit Card

eSales - Save Shipping Address

eSales - Save Account Shipping Address

eSales - Set Primary Account Address

eSales - Setting PO Status

eSales - Current User Type

Siebel eSales Notification Workflows

Siebel eSales Purchase Approval Workflows

eSales - Approve Order Process

eSales - Reject Order Process

Siebel eSales Order Modification Workflows

eSales - Cancel Order Process

eSales - Modify Order Process

eSales - Reorder Process

Siebel eSales Error Message and View Display Workflows

eSales - Display Error Process

eSales - Login View

eSales - Order Confirmation View

eSales - Shopping Cart View

Auction Workflow

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Shopping Service Methods Reference

About the Shopping Service Business Service

Siebel eSales User Action Methods

AddItem Method

AddToCart Method

AddToFavoriteList Method

SetShoppingCart Method

SetApplicationName Method

OrderTemplate Method

Siebel eSales Workflow Methods

SaveCartAsTemplate Method

SaveCartAsQuote Method

DiscardCart Method

OrderQuote Method

ValidQuote Method

RemoveInvalidItems Method

CreateOrder Method

Reorder Method

GetShoppingCartStatus Method

MoveToCart Method

RepriceQuote Method

SelectPrimary Method

SetBusCompFields Method

ValidatePayment Method

ValidateAddress Method

SetPendingRequest Method

Siebel eAuction Integration Methods

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