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About Siebel eSales Workflows

Siebel eSales uses workflows to control order management processes. You can modify these workflows using Siebel Business Process Designer, which is in Siebel Tools.

For more information about modifying workflows, seen Siebel Business Process Designer Administration Guide.

To modify the error messages that eSales displays, use a subprocess call to the eSales - Display Error Process (see Figure 26).

The following features are among those implemented by workflow processes:

  • Rapid Checkout. This feature automatically associates primary address and credit card information with the order during the checkout process. If the user does not have primary information stored within the application, the process directs that user to submit such information.
  • Purchase Approval Process. This feature applies an approval process in a business-to-business environment under the following conditions:
    • The account is approved to pay by purchase order and a purchase order is used as the payment method.
    • The amount of the order is greater than the auto-approval limit.
    • A user of type Web Corporate User placed the order.
  • Email Notifications. This feature sends an email notification to a user when that user's order is accepted, awaiting approval, rejected, or shipped.
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