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CyberSource Adapter Service Business Service

The CyberSource Adapter Service business service does the following:

  • Receives input from the Credit Card Transaction Service business service in XML format
  • Processes the data and uses Siebel eScript to call the CyberSource API
  • Gets the payment information from CyberSource using the CyberSource API
  • Passes XML data back to the Credit Card Transaction Service business service

The CyberSource Adaptor Service consists of methods, user properties, and scripts written in Siebel eScript:

  • Methods:
    • Authorization, with arguments inputXML and outputXML
    • Charge, with arguments inputXML and outputXML
    • Refund, with arguments inputXML and outputXML
    • Start, with argument outputXML
  • Scripts:
    • (declarations). This script defines the variables used in the business service scripts.
    • CallCyberSource. This script converts the XML to a property set, and then gets values from the property set to construct the message used by CyberSource. It calls CyberSource to get the result, uses the result to construct a property set, and then converts it to XML.
    • FillOutIntObj. This script constructs the property set from the CyberSource result.
    • FillRequestObj. This script constructs the CyberSource message from the property set.
    • Initialize. This script initializes the variables for the service. Variables to initialize are passed in by setting the values in the CreditCard - Configuration (CyberSource) integration object user properties.
    • LogMessage. This script writes to the log file the buffers that are passed to CyberSource and received from CyberSource, if the Debug flag is set.
    • SendCmd. This script calls CyberSource with a different method.
    • Service_PreInvokeMethod. This is the starting point where the business service is called.
    • SetResponseCode. This script maps CyberSource error flags to Siebel response codes.
    • ThrowError. This script generates the error messages that are set up in the Credit Card Transaction Service business service user properties.

      To examine the Siebel eScripts in the CyberSource Adapter Service business service, right-click the business service in Siebel Tools, and then choose Edit Server Scripts.

      For more information on Siebel eScripts, see Siebel Tools Online Help.

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