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eSales - Checkout Process

The workflow that begins the checkout procedure is shown in Figure 8.

Figure 8. eSales - Checkout Process
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When a user clicks Check Out on the Shopping Cart, the eSales - Checkout Process is called. The following events happen:

  • The process determines whether the user is anonymous. Anonymous users are sent to the Login view using the eSales - Login View process (see Figure 27). The Set Pending Request method of the Shopping Service business service is used to return users to the eSales- Checkout Process after they log in.
  • The process determines whether the Shopping Cart (quote) is associated with a contact ID. If it is not associated with a contact, the process ends.
  • The process retrieves the quote ID and, if there is no error, reprices the quote as needed. If there is an error, the Display Error Process is called (See Figure 26) and the Current Quote view appears.
  • It determines whether the items on the quote are active products on the price list associated with the user. If not, the Quote Invalid Item view appears. The customer can choose to remove the invalid items and continue with the checkout process, in which case repricing is performed again. Alternatively, the customer can cancel, in which case the Current Quote view appears.
  • For quotes that are valid, the process updates the quote record by entering the contact name in the Recipient Name field.
  • The process gets the application name. For certain applications, address validation is skipped in the Enter Shipping Details subprocess that follows.
  • Three subprocesses are called in succession:
    • eSales - Enter Shipping Details Process (see Figure 10)
    • eSales - Enter Payment Details Process (see Figure 11)
    • eSales - Complete Checkout Process (see Figure 12)
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