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Configuring Siebel eSales

You can use Siebel Tools to perform the following tasks to modify Siebel eSales to fit your business requirements:

  • Configure Siebel business components, applets, views, and all other elements of a Siebel Business Application as needed, such as setting declarative properties or adding Web scripts.
  • Create new controls, applets, views, or Web pages as needed. Add charts to views, if needed.
  • Associate applets, views, and Web pages with the appropriate Web templates (.SWT files).
  • Map the fields, controls, and applets to the placeholders in the appropriate template as follows:
    • Fields and controls are mapped into an applet.
    • Applets are mapped into a view.
    • Views are mapped into a Web page (a Web page container).
  • Compile the repository changes into an SRF file.

For more information, see Using Siebel Tools.

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