Siebel eScript Language Reference

What's New in This Release

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About Siebel eScript

Overview of Siebel eScript

About Siebel eScript Code

About the Script Assist Utility

About Data Types and Numbers

About Primitive Data Types

About Composite Data Types

Properties and Methods of Common Data Types

How Siebel eScript Converts Data Types

About Numbers

About Functions and Methods

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Using Siebel eScript

Using Operators in Siebel eScript

Overview of Mathematical Operators

Using a Shortcut Operation to Do an Arithmetic Operation

Modifying the Sequence That Siebel eScript Uses to Evaluate an Expression

Using Logical Operators and Conditional Expressions

Increasing or Decreasing the Value of a Variable

Using Less Code to Write an Else Statement

Concatenating Strings

Using a Bit Operator

Coding with Siebel eScript

Using Script Libraries

Using Strongly Typed and Typeless Variables

Declaring and Using Variables

Determining the Data Type of a Variable

Passing a Value to a Function

Preventing a Floating-Point Error

Using the Literal Value of a Special Character

Running Browser Script When Siebel CRM Starts a Siebel Application

Releasing an Object from Memory

Monitoring the Performance of Your Script

Guidelines for Using Siebel eScript

Make Sure You Use the Correct Format for Names

Make Sure You Use the Correct Case

Use Expressions, Statements, and Statement Blocks

Use a Primitive Data Type Instead of an Object Data Type

Use White Space to Improve Readability

Use Comments to Document Your Code

Make Sure the JavaScript Interpreter Can Run a Function

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Statements Reference

Break Statement

Continue Statement

Do While Statement

For Statement

For In Statement

Goto Statement

If Statement

Switch Statement

Throw Statement

Try Statement

While Statement

With Statement

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Methods Reference

Overview of Methods Reference

Array Methods

Overview of Array Methods

About Array Functions

About Associative Arrays

Add Array Elements Method

Concatenate Array Method

Create Array Elements Method

Delete Last Array Element Method

Get Largest Array Index Method

Get Subarray Method

Insert Array Elements Method

Reverse Array Order Method

Shift Array Left Method

Shift Array Right Method

Sort Array Method

String Methods

Overview of String Methods

Change String to Lowercase Method

Change String to Uppercase Method

Create String From Substring Method

Create String From Unicode Values Method

Get Character From String Method

Get Unicode Character From String Method

Get Regular Expression From StringVar Method

Get String Length Method

Parse String Method

Replace String Method

Search String for Substring Method

Search String for Last Substring Method

Search StringVar for Regular Expression Method

BLOB Methods

About the BLOB Descriptor

Get BLOB Data Method

Get BLOB Size Method

Write BLOB Data Method

Buffer Methods

Overview of Buffer Methods

About Buffer Constructors

Create Buffer Method

Get Buffer Data Method

Get Cursor Position Value From Buffer Method

Get String From Buffer Method

Put String in Buffer Method

Put Value in Buffer Method

Write Byte to Buffer Method

Buffer Size Property

Cursor Position in Buffer Property

Data in Buffer Property

Use Big Endian in Buffer Property

Use Unicode in Buffer Property

Date and Time Methods

Overview of Date Methods

About the Date Constructor

Convert Date and Time to String Method

Convert Date to Integer Method

Convert Date String to Date Object Method

Convert Date to GMT String Method

Convert Integer Date to JavaScript Date Method

Get Day of Month Method

Get Day of Week Method

Get Full Year Method

Get Hours Method

Get Milliseconds Method

Get Minutes Method

Get Month Method

Get Seconds Method

Get Time Method

Get Time Zone Offset Method

Get Year Method

Set Date Method

Set Full Year Method

Set Hours Method

Set Milliseconds Method

Set Minutes Method

Set Month Method

Set Seconds Method

Set Time Method

Set Year Method

UTC Methods

Convert UTC Date to Readable Date Method

Get UTC Date Method

Get UTC Day of Month Method

Get UTC Day of Week Method

Get UTC Full Year Method

Get UTC Hours Method

Get UTC Milliseconds Method

Get UTC Minutes Method

Get UTC Month Method

Get UTC Seconds Method

Set UTC Date Method

Set UTC Full Year Method

Set UTC Hours Method

Set UTC Milliseconds Method

Set UTC Minutes Method

Set UTC Month Method

Set UTC Seconds Method

Global Methods

Overview of Global Methods

Create COM Object Method

Get Array Length Method

Set Array Length Method

Undefine Method

Conversion Methods

Overview of Conversion Methods

Convert String to Floating-Point Number Method

Convert String to Integer Method

Convert Number to Exponential Notation Method

Convert Number to Fixed Decimal Method

Convert Number to Precision Method

Convert Special Characters to URL Method

Convert Unicode to ASCII Method

Convert Value to Boolean Method

Convert Value to Buffer Method

Convert Value to Bytes Method

Convert Value to Integer Method

Convert Value to Integer 32 Method

Convert Value to Unsigned Integer 16 Method

Convert Value to Unsigned Integer 32 Method

Convert Value to Number Method

Convert Value to Object Method

Convert Value to String Method

Evaluate Expression Method

Data Querying Methods

Is Defined Method

Is Finite Method

Is NaN Method

Exception Object

Function Object

Mathematical Methods

Overview of Mathematical Methods

Properties of the Math Object

Get Absolute Value Method

Get Arc Cosine Method

Get Arcsine Method

Get Arctangent Method

Get Arctangent 2 Method

Get Ceiling Method

Get Cosine Method

Get Exponential Method

Get Floor Method

Get Logarithm Method

Get Maximum Method

Get Minimum Method

Get Quotient Method

Get Random Number Method

Get Remainder Method

Get Sine Method

Get Square Root Method

Get Tangent Method

Raise Power Method

Round Number Method

Regular Expression Methods

Overview of Regular Expression Methods

Properties of Regular Expressions

Compile Regular Expressions Method

Get Regular Expression from String Method

Is Regular Expression in String Method

Siebel Library Methods

Siebel Library Call DLL Method

Siebel Library Get Pointer Address Method

Siebel Library Peek Method

Siebel Library Write Data Method

Custom Methods

Overview of Custom Methods

How the Constructor Function Creates an Object

How a Function Is Assigned to an Object

About Object Prototypes

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C Language Library Reference

Overview of the Clib Object

Using Siebel eScript Methods Instead of Clib Methods

Clib File and Directory Methods

Overview of Clib File and Directory Methods

Clib Close File Method

Clib Create Temporary File Method

Clib Create Temporary File Name Method

Clib Delete File Method

Clib Lock File Method

Clib Open File Method

Clib Rename File Method

Clib Reopen File Method

Clib Change Directory Method

Clib Create Directory Method

Clib Get Current Working Directory Method

Clib Remove Directory Method

Clib File Input and Output Methods

Overview of Clib File Input and Output Methods

Format Characters for Methods That Print and Scan

Clib Clear Buffer Method

Clib End of File Method

Clib Get Character Method

Clib Get Characters to Next Line Method

Clib Get Cursor Position Method

Clib Get Relative Cursor Position Method

Clib Move Cursor to Beginning of File Method

Clib Read From File Method

Clib Restore Cursor Position Method

Clib Set Cursor Position Method

Clib Scan and Convert File Method

Clib Scan and Convert from Input Device Method

Clib Unget Method

Clib Write Character Method

Clib Write Formatted String Method

Clib Write String to File Method

Clib Write to File Method

Clib String Methods

Clib Append String Method

Clib Compare Strings Method

Clib Convert String to Lowercase Method

Clib Copy String Method

Clib Get Formatted String Method

Clib Get Last Substring Method

Clib Get Substring Method

Clib Search String for Character Method

Clib Search String for Character Set Method

Clib Search String for Not Character Set Method

Clib Write Formatted String Method

Clib Buffer Methods

Clib Get Memory Method

Clib Compare Memory Method

Clib Copy Memory Method

Clib Set Memory Method

Clib Mathematical Methods

Clib Create Random Number Method

Clib Divide Method

Clib Get Floating Point Number Method

Clib Get Hyperbolic Cosine Method

Clib Get Hyperbolic Sine Method

Clib Get Hyperbolic Tangent Method

Clib Get Integer Method

Clib Get Normalized Mantissa Method

Clib Initialize Random Number Generator Method

Clib Date and Time Methods

Overview of Clib Date and Time Methods

About the Objects That Each Clib Time Method Returns

Clib Convert Integer to GMT Method

Clib Convert Integer to Local Time Method

Clib Convert Time to Integer Method

Clib Convert Time Object to Integer Method

Clib Get Date and Time Method

Clib Get Formatted Date and Time Method

Clib Get Local Date and Time Method

Clib Get Difference in Seconds Method

Clib Get Tick Count Method

Clib Character Classification Methods

Overview of Clib Character Classification Methods

Clib Is Alphabetic Method

Clib Is Alphanumeric Method

Clib Is ASCII Method

Clib Is Control Method

Clib Is Digit Method

Clib Is Lowercase Method

Clib Is Printable Method

Clib Is Printable Not Space Method

Clib Is Punctuation Mark Method

Clib Is Space Method

Clib Is Uppercase Method

Clib Is Hexadecimal Method

Clib Error Methods

Clib Clear Error Method

Clib Get Error Number Method

Clib Get Error Message Method

Clib Save Error Message In String Method

Clib Error Number Property

Other Clib Methods

Clib Convert Character to ASCII Method

Clib Modify Environment Variable Method

Clib Get Environment Variable Method

Clib Send Command Method

Clib Search Array Method

Clib Sort Array Method

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Siebel eScript Quick Reference

File and Directory Methods

String Methods

Array Methods and Properties

Mathematical Methods and Properties

BLOB Methods

Date and Time Methods

Buffer Methods and Properties

Siebel Library Methods

Conversion Methods

Character Classification Methods

Error Handling Methods

Other Methods

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Compilation Error Messages

Format Error Messages

Semantic Error Messages

Semantic Warnings

Preprocessing Error Messages

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