System Backup and Restoration Guide

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Failure Prevention and Automatic Recovery Features

Overload Alarms

Redundancy and Failover for Clustered Services

Automatic Restart for Managed Servers

Managed Server Independence Mode

Automatic Migration of Failed Managed Servers

Geographic Redundancy for Regional Site Failures

Overview of Configuration Artifacts

Common Backup and Restoration Tasks

Backing Up the Domain Configuration

Overview of Domain Configuration Backup

Enabling Automatic Configuration Backups

Storing the Domain Configuration Offline

Backing Up Domain Security Data

Backing Up the WebLogic LDAP Repository

Backing Up SerializedSystemIni.dat and Security Certificates

Backing Up Additional Configuration Files

Restoring Failed Server Instances

Restarting a Failed Administration Server

Restarting an Administration Server on the Same Machine

Restarting an Administration Server on Another Machine

Restarting Failed Access and Network Tier Servers

Moving an Access or Network Tier Server to a Different Machine

Backing Up and Restoring the Database

Overview of Database Backups

Backing Up An Oracle 10g Single Instance Database

Configure the Backup Settings


Flash Recovery Area

Auto Backup Control File

Perform the Backup

Backing Up An Oracle 10g RAC Database

Configure Oracle RAC for Backup

Snapshot Control File Location

Auto Backup Control File

Archived Redo Log

Flash Recovery Area

Perform the Backup

Backing Up a MySQL Database

Restoring the Database from Backup

Restoring a single instance Oracle 10g database

Restoring an Oracle 10g RAC database

Restoring a MySQL Database

Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper Tables

Standard 4.1 Tables

Backwards Compatible Tables

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