Managing Accounts and SLAs

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Introduction and Document Roadmap

Document Scope and Audience

Guide to this Document

Creating and Maintaining Service Provider and Application Accounts

System SLAs

Custom SLAs

Typical workflow

Managing Application Instances

Summary of Tasks related to Application Instances

States of Application Instances

Web Services Security

Password Encryption

Reference: ApplicationInstances

Managing Service Provider and Application Accounts

Summary of tasks Related to Accounts

Application Accounts

Service Provider Accounts

States of Accounts

Account Properties

Account References

Reference: Attributes and Operations for ApplicationAccounts

Managing Groups

Summary of Tasks Related to Groups

Application Groups

Service Provider Groups

Reference: Attributes and Operations for ApplicationGroups

Managing SLAs

Introduction to SLA types

Summary of Tasks Related to SLAs

Service Provider and Application Group System SLAs

Application Group SLAs

Service Provider Group SLAs

Node SLAs

Global Node SLAs

Service Provider Node SLAs

Subscriber SLAs

Custom SLAs

Custom XSDs

Custom Application Group SLAs

Custom Service Provider Group SLAs

Custom Global SLAs

Reference: ApplicationSLAs

Managing Sessions

About Sessions

Reference: ApplicationSessions

Defining Service Provider Group and Application Group SLAs

Structure of a Service Level Agreement












Contract structure




















Defining Global Node and Service Provider Group Node SLAs

Structure of a Node Service Level Agreement

Node SLA Overview

Service Provider Group Node SLA

Node Contract

Global Node SLA

Global Contract

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