Manage Custom MBeans within the Coherence Cluster


In addition to Managing Coherence using JMX, Coherence provides the ability to manage and monitor "custom MBeans" (i.e. application-level MBeans) within the Coherence JMX Management and Monitoring framework. This allows you to manage and/or monitor any application-level MBean from any JVM/node/end-point within the cluster.


In addition to the standard Coherence managed object types, any dynamic or standard MBean type may be registered using the interface.

For example, the following code registers a custom standard MBean using a globally-unique name:

Registry    registry = CacheFactory.ensureCluster().getManagement();
CustomMBean bean     = new Custom();
String      sName    = registry.ensureGlobalName("type=Custom");

registry.register(sName, bean);

The ensureGlobalName method appends a nodeId property to the name that differentiates the given MBean name from an otherwise identical MBean name registered by a different cluster node. For example, if registry.ensureGlobalName("type=Custom") is executed by node 1, it would return "type=Custom,nodeId=1".