Used in: incoming-message-handler, packet-publisher.


Specifies the number of packets which Coherence will internally maintain for use in tranmitting and receving UDP packets. Unlike the packet-buffers these buffers are managed by Coherence rather then the OS, and allocated on the JVM's heap.

Performance Impact

The packet pools are used as a reusable buffer between Coherence network services. For packet transmission, this defines the maximum number of packets which can be queued on the packet-speaker before the packet-publisher must block. For packet receiption, this defines the number of packets which can be queued on the incoming-message-handler before the unicast, and multicast must block.


The following table describes the elements you can define within the packet-pool element.

Element Required/Optional Description
<maximum-packets> Required The maximum number of reusable packets to be utilized by the services responsible for publishing and receiving. The pools are intially small, and will grow on demand up to the specified limits. Defaults are 2048 for transmitting and receiving.