ReplicatedCache Service Parameters

ReplicatedCache Service Parameters


ReplicatedCache service elements support the following parameters:

These settings may also be specified as part of the replicated-scheme element in the cache configuration descriptor.


Parameter Name Value Description
standard-lease-milliseconds Specifies the duration of the standard lease in milliseconds. Once a lease has aged past this number of milliseconds, the lock will automatically be released. Set this value to zero to specify a lease that never expires. The purpose of this setting is to avoid deadlocks or blocks caused by stuck threads; the value should be set higher than the longest expected lock duration (e.g. higher than a transaction timeout). It's also recommended to set this value higher then packet-delivery/timeout-milliseconds value.

Legal values are from positive long numbers or zero.

Default value is 0.
lease-granularity Specifies the lease ownership granularity. Available since release 2.3.

Legal values are:

  • thread
  • member

A value of thread means that locks are held by a thread that obtained them and can only be released by that thread. A value of member means that locks are held by a cluster node and any thread running on the cluster node that obtained the lock can release it.

Default value is thread.

mobile-issues Specifies whether or not the lease issues should be transfered to the most recent lock holders.

Legal values are true or false.

Default value is false.