Used in: cluster-config.


Specifies the configuration for Coherence services.

Service Components

The types of services which can be configured includes:


The following table describes the elements you can define for each service element.

Element Required/Optional Description
<service-type> Required Specifies the canonical name for a service, allowing the service to be referenced from the service-name element in cache configuration caching-schemes.
<service-component> Required Specifies either the fully qualified class name of the service or the relocatable component name relative to the base Service component.

Legal values are:
  • ReplicatedCache
  • ReplicatedCache.Optimistic
  • DistributedCache
  • SimpleCache
  • LocalCache
  • InvocationService
<use-filters> Optional Contains the list of filter names to be used by this service.

For example, specifying use-filter as follows

will activate gzip compression for the network messages used by this service, which can help substantially with WAN and low-bandwidth networks.

<init-params> Optional Specifies the initialization parameters that are specific to each service-component.

For more service specific parameter information see:

The content override attributes xml-override and id can be optionally used to fully or partially override the contents of this element with XML document that is external to the base document.