createAll clusterTree

Creates all cluster trees described in an XML file.

See Also

create clusterTree


createAll clusterTree --INPUT_FILE=xml_filename [--DUPE_METHOD=action [--IGNORE_INVALID_STATE=state]] 


createAll clusterTree -i xml_filename [-d action [-s state]]



Path to the XML document that contains the object descriptions. See clusterTree.


Action to take when an object already exists:

  • error: The createAll command fails with an error. (Default)

  • ignore: The existing object description is kept.

  • overwrite: The new description replaces the existing object description.


Controls whether processing continues when an object cannot be overwritten because it is in an invalid state. This option is used only when --DUPE_METHOD=overwrite.

  • true: Continue processing with the next object.

  • false: Stop processing with an error and roll back all changes. (Default)


This command creates one of the two cluster trees described in clustertree.xml. The second cluster tree already exists.

SES>createAll clusterTree --INPUT_FILE=clustertree.xml --DUPE_METHOD=overwrite
createAll operation succeeded for type "clusterTree".
  1 object(s) with status CREATE_SUCCEEDED
  1 object(s) with status DUPLICATE_OVERWRITTEN