updateAll source

Sets one or more parameters for all sources from an XML description.

See Also

update source


updateAll source --INPUT_FILE=xml_filename --UPDATE_METHOD=method [--NOT_FOUND_METHOD=action] [--ENCRYPT_KEY=key]


updateAll source -i xml_filename -a method [-t action] [-e key]



Path to the XML document that configures the object. See source.


Method to use when updating the properties of an object:

  • add: Adds new properties and overwrites existing properties, but does not delete existing properties that are omitted in the XML file.

  • remove: Removes existing properties that are defined in the XML file.

  • overwrite: Replaces the existing property values with the new values.


Encryption key for passwords in xml_filename. The key must be at least eight ASCII characters long and include at least one letter and one number. Multibyte characters are invalid. If you omit this option, you are prompted for the key.


Action to take when an object does not exist:

  • create: A new object is created from the XML description and processing continues.

  • error: The command fails with an error. (Default)

  • ignore: The new description is ignored and processing continues


This example creates a new source described in sources_update.xml:

SES>updateAll source --UPDATE_METHOD=add --NOT_FOUND_METHOD=create --INPUT_FILE=sources_update.xml --ENCRYPT_KEY=key2encrypt
updateAll operation succeeded for type "source".
  1 object(s) with status NOT_FOUND_CREATED