updateAll sourceGroup

Sets one or more parameters for all source groups from an XML description.

See Also

update sourceGroup


updateAll sourceGroup --INPUT_FILE=xml_filename --UPDATE_METHOD=method [--NOT_FOUND_METHOD=action]


updateAll sourceGroup -i xml_filename -a method [-t action]



Path to the XML document that configures the object. See sourceGroup.


Method to use when updating the properties of an object:

  • add: Adds new properties and overwrites existing properties, but does not delete existing properties that are omitted in the XML file.

  • remove: Removes existing properties that are defined in the XML file.

  • overwrite: Replaces the existing property values with the new values.


Action to take when an object does not exist:

  • create: A new object is created from the XML description and processing continues.

  • error: The command fails with an error. (Default)

  • ignore: The new description is ignored and processing continues


This example updates two source groups:

SES>updateAll sourceGroup --UPDATE_METHOD=add --NOT_FOUND_METHOD=ignore --INPUT_FILE=sourcegroups_update.xml
updateAll operation succeeded for type "sourceGroup".
  2 object(s) with status UPDATE_SUCCEEDED
  2 object(s) with status NOT_FOUND_IGNORED