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11g Release 1 (11.1.1)


Uses of Class

Packages that use EditorAddin
oracle.ide.ceditor The Code Editor package contains the code editing implementation of the JDeveloper IDE. 
oracle.ide.editor Contains classes and interfaces that allow addins to add their own specialized editors to JDeveloper. 
oracle.jdeveloper.merge Contains classes for merge editor abstractions, including an editor addin, commands, a controller, and utilities. 

Uses of EditorAddin in oracle.ide.ceditor

Subclasses of EditorAddin in oracle.ide.ceditor
 class CodeEditorAddin
          The CodeEditorAddin does the work of plugging in this code editor into the IDE Addin framework.

Uses of EditorAddin in oracle.ide.editor

Subclasses of EditorAddin in oracle.ide.editor
 class AbstractFlatEditorAddin
          Deprecated. Please use EditorAddin instead
 class FlatEditorAddin
          Deprecated. Please use EditorAddin instead

Fields in oracle.ide.editor declared as EditorAddin
protected  EditorAddin Editor._addin

Methods in oracle.ide.editor that return EditorAddin
abstract  EditorAddin EditorManager.getBestEditorAddin(Node node)
          Retrieves the best EditorAddin based on the default editor preference for the Node, or by querying the editor addin registry.
abstract  EditorAddin EditorManager.getDefaultAddin(Element element)
          Gets the default registered EditorAddin for the element.
 EditorAddin Editor.getEditorAddin()
abstract  EditorAddin EditorManager.getEditorAddin(java.lang.Class cls)
          Get the EditorAddin instance which represents the Editor type provided.
abstract  EditorAddin[] EditorManager.getStaticAddins(java.lang.Class elementClass)
          Gets all the statically registered EditorAddins which are associated with the given Element class.

Methods in oracle.ide.editor with parameters of type EditorAddin
abstract  void EditorManager.extend(EditorAddin addin, java.lang.Class[] types)
          Associate the Element types supported given with the given EditorAddin.
abstract  void EditorManager.register(EditorAddin addin, java.lang.Class[] types)
          Registers a EditorAddin for inclusion the editor tabs for the given Node types.
abstract  void EditorManager.registerDynamic(EditorAddin editorAddin)
          Registers a EditorAddin for possible inclusion the editor tabs.
 void Editor.setEditorAddin(EditorAddin addin)
          Set the EditorAddin that actually created this editor (as opposed to some random EditorAddin that can create such an editor).
abstract  void EditorManager.unregister(EditorAddin editorAddin)
          Removes the specified editorAddin from the list on known EditorAddins.
abstract  void EditorManager.unregisterDynamic(EditorAddin editorAddin)
          Removes the specificed editor addin from the list of dynamically registered addins.

Uses of EditorAddin in oracle.jdeveloper.merge

Subclasses of EditorAddin in oracle.jdeveloper.merge
 class AbstractMergeAddin
          Abstract class for a dynamically registered merge editor addin.

Uses of EditorAddin in oracle.jdeveloper.vcs.versionhistory

Subclasses of EditorAddin in oracle.jdeveloper.vcs.versionhistory
 class VersionHistoryAddin

Oracle Fusion Middleware Java API Reference for Oracle Extension SDK Reference
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)


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