Oracle Fusion Middleware Java API Reference for Oracle Extension SDK Reference
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)


Class IdeProperties

  extended by oracle.ide.model.Node
      extended by oracle.ide.layout.Layout
          extended by oracle.ide.layout.SimpleLayout
              extended by oracle.ide.layout.IdeProperties
All Implemented Interfaces:
Displayable, Element, LazyLoadable, Locatable, Subject, PropertyAccess, Dirtyable

public class IdeProperties
extends SimpleLayout

The IdeProperties class is reponsible for managing the general layout information, such as the size and position of the main application window and the opened editor frames for example.

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class oracle.ide.model.Node
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 javax.swing.Icon getIcon()
          Displayable interface method.
 java.lang.String getProperty(java.lang.String key, java.lang.String defaultValue)
          Retrieves the value associated with a property.
Methods inherited from class oracle.ide.layout.SimpleLayout
closeImpl, equals, equalsImpl, getInputStream, getOwner, isPropertySet, openImpl, removeProperty, saveImpl, setOwner, setProperty
Methods inherited from class oracle.ide.layout.Layout
getChildren, getMenuFilter, getName, getShortLabel, isActive, isTrackedInNodeCache, setActive, setMenuFilter, toString
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addNodeListener, addNodeListenerForType, addNodeListenerForTypeHierarchy, attach, beginThreadNodeUsageCycle, callUnderReadLock, callUnderWriteLock, close, createSubject, delete, deleteImpl, detach, endThreadNodeUsage, endThreadNodeUsageCycle, ensureOpen, equalsImpl, getAttributes, getData, getLongLabel, getSubject, getTimestamp, getTimestampLoadedUnsafe, getToolTipText, getTransientProperties, getUnmodifiedTimestamp, getURL, isDirty, isLoaded, isMigrating, isNew, isOpen, isReadLocked, isReadOnly, isReadOrWriteLocked, isWriteLocked, lockCount, markDirty, markDirtyImpl, mayHaveChildren, nodeLock, notifyObservers, open, readLock, readLockCount, readUnlock, refreshTimestamp, removeNodeListener, removeNodeListenerForType, removeNodeListenerForTypeHierarchy, rename, renameImpl, reportOpenException, revert, revertImpl, runUnderReadLock, runUnderWriteLock, save, setEventLog, setMigrating, setOpen, setReadOnly, setTimestampDirectly, setURL, tryRunUnderReadLock, unsetMigrating, upgradeLock, upgradeUnlock, urlReadOnlyChanged, writeLock, writeLockCount, writeUnlock
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Constructor Detail


public IdeProperties()

Method Detail


public javax.swing.Icon getIcon()
Description copied from class: Node
Displayable interface method. The Node class returns a generic icon.

Specified by:
getIcon in interface Displayable
getIcon in class SimpleLayout
the Icon for this node instance


public java.lang.String getProperty(java.lang.String key,
                                    java.lang.String defaultValue)
Description copied from interface: PropertyAccess
Retrieves the value associated with a property. If no value exists for the requested property, the specified default value is returned.

Specified by:
getProperty in interface PropertyAccess
getProperty in class SimpleLayout
key - the property key for which a value is desired.
defaultValue - the value to return if no value currently exists.
the value of the requested property, or the default value if the property does not exist.

Oracle Fusion Middleware Java API Reference for Oracle Extension SDK Reference
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)


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