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11g Release 1 (11.1.1)



Provides a virtual file system framework based on


Interface Summary
JarIndex.Visitor Visits entries in this index.
NameGenerator This is a callback interface used by the URLFactory while it is in the process of producing a new unique URL.
URLChooserInit Classes that implement this interface are capable of initializing an instance of URLChooser.
URLExistsTest Interface used by the URLFactory when creating unique URLs.
URLFilenameFilter Instances of classes that implement this interface are used to filter filenames when using the URLFileSystem#list(URLFilenameFilter) method.
URLFileSystemListener The URLFileSystemListener interface allows clients to track changes to file URL's in a root URL directory.
URLFilter An implementation of URLFilter can be set on an instance of URLChooser to prevent unwanted files from appearing in the directory listings.

Class Summary
DefaultNameGenerator Default implementation of the NameGenerator interface used when generating new unique URLs from URLFactory.
DefaultURLFilter A default implementation of URLFilter that performs filtering based on file extensions.
FilePath An instance of FilePath represents a path that is made up entire of Files.
HttpURLFileSystemHelper The HttpURLFileSystemHelper class provides an implementation of URLFileSystemHelper for http URLs.
IdeURLFileSystemHelper This class handles the URLFileSystem operations associated with the "ide" protocols.
InflaterInputStream Patches Sun bug 4040920, which Sun claims is fixed, but clearly isn't.
JarIndex Indexes the table of contents of a JAR or ZIP file.
PackageClassChooser A chooser for packages and classes that uses URLPath as the source of path information.
ProtocolConstants Defines URL protocols.
TraceFileSystemAccess TraceFileSystemAccess traces accesses to the decorated helper.
URLChooser The URLChooser is a replacement file chooser for JFileChooser.
URLChooserAdapter This is the public implementation of the URLChooserListener interface.
URLChooserEvent This is a simple event class to contain information being passed between the URLChooser and its listener
URLComparator The URLComparator is an implementation of the Comparator interface that can be used for ordering URLs.
URLFactory This class contains methods which create new instances of URL.
URLFileSystem The URLFileSystem class is responsible for encapsulating the notion of file system operations on content that is pointed to by an URL.
URLFileSystem.FileInfo The FileInfo class encapsulates the information describing files returned by the and, URLFilter) methods.
URLFileSystemEvent The URLFileSystemEvent provides details as to URL changes that occurred on directory roots that listeners are tracking.
URLFileSystemHelper The URLFileSystemHelper class specifies the URLFileSystem operations that may have protocol-specific handling.
URLFileSystemHelperDecorator The URLFileSystemHelperDecorator class provides a base decorator implementation for a URLFileSystemHelper.
URLPath An instance of URLPath represents a path that is made up entirely of URLs.
URLTempFile The purpose of the URLTempFile class is to provide a local File reference to a document whose location is specified by some URL.
URLTextField This is a subclass of JTextField that is intended to hold a single URL.
WildcardURLFilter A URLFilter that provides wildcard behavior.

Package Description

Provides a virtual file system framework based on The entry point for accessing the virtual file system is URLFileSystem. Operations for custom protocols are registered as URLFileSystemHelper instances with URLFileSystem.

To ensure consistency, all URLs in the IDE framework must be created using URLFactory. URLs that represent directories must end with a "/" in their path part. Use the URLFactory.newDirURL(..) methods to ensure the proper format for directory URLs.

The standard chooser dialog for selecting URLs is the URLChooser class. The typical usage for URLChooser is to call one of the oracle.ide.dialogs.DialogUtil.newURLChooser(..) methods.

The URLPath class is used for representing sequences of URLs that participate in path-like operations. The URLPath class has methods for resolving a relative URL on the URLPath and for producing a relative URL given an absolute URL.

The URLTempFile class is used for ensuring that a document pointed to by an URL is accessible via a instance. It will make a copy of the document to a local temporary file if necessary and it will take care of cleaning up the file when it is no longer needed.

The JarUtil and JarIndex classes are used for producing efficient indexes on JAR and ZIP files. The central directory for the JAR file is read and indexed in memory, allowing for efficient lookup of specific entries and the ability to open an InputStream directoy on a particular JAR entry.

Oracle Fusion Middleware Java API Reference for Oracle Extension SDK Reference
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)


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