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11g Release 1 (11.1.1)


Class AbstractChildDBObject

  extended by oracle.javatools.db.AbstractDBObject
      extended by oracle.javatools.db.AbstractChildDBObject
All Implemented Interfaces:
ChildDBObject, DBObject, Copyable, DynamicPropertySet
Direct Known Subclasses:
AbstractSQLFragment, AutoExtendProperties, Column, Constraint, DataTypeAttribute, DataTypeUsage, FileSpecification, IndexPartition, LOBDescriptor, OracleColumnProperties, OracleExternalTableProperties, OracleExternalTableProperties.LocationSpecifier, OracleIndexOrganizedTableProperties, OracleIndexPartitions, OracleStorageProperties, OracleTablePartitions, OracleTablespaceProperties, PlSqlAttribute, PlSqlMethod, PlSqlParameter, TablePartition, XMLSchemaElement, XMLTypeColumnProperties

public abstract class AbstractChildDBObject
extends AbstractDBObject
implements ChildDBObject

Extension of DBObject used by child object in the API.

For internal use only. Application developers should not use this

Nested Class Summary
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Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
protected AbstractChildDBObject()
protected AbstractChildDBObject(java.lang.String name)
protected AbstractChildDBObject(java.lang.String name, DBObject parent)
Method Summary
protected  void copyToImpl(AbstractChildDBObject copy, DBObject copyParent, IDPolicy idPolicy)
<T extends DBObject>
findParent(java.lang.Class<T> parentClass)
          Looks in the parent heirachy of this object for an object of the given class.
 DBObject getParent()
          Returns the parent of this object, if one exists.
 void setParent(DBObject parent)
          Sets the parent of this object.
Methods inherited from class oracle.javatools.db.AbstractDBObject
changeParent, compareToImpl, copyObject, copyTo, copyTo, copyTo, copyTo, copyToImpl, equalsImpl, findOwnedObject, findOwnedObject, findOwnedObject, getChildSupport, getID, getName, getOwnedObjects, getOwnedObjects, getOwnedObjectsImpl, getProperties, getProperty, getProperty, getReferenceIDs, getReferenceIDsImpl, hashCode, includeOwnedObject, includesType, includesType, removeThisAsParent, replaceReferenceIDs, setID, setName, setProperties, setProperty, toString
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clone, equals, finalize, getClass, notify, notifyAll, wait, wait, wait
Methods inherited from interface oracle.javatools.db.DBObject
copyTo, copyTo, copyTo, findOwnedObject, findOwnedObject, getID, getName, getOwnedObjects, getOwnedObjects, getReferenceIDs, getType, replaceReferenceIDs, setID, setName
Methods inherited from interface oracle.javatools.util.DynamicPropertySet
getProperties, getProperty, getProperty, setProperties, setProperty

Constructor Detail


protected AbstractChildDBObject()


protected AbstractChildDBObject(java.lang.String name)


protected AbstractChildDBObject(java.lang.String name,
                                DBObject parent)
Method Detail


public void setParent(DBObject parent)
Description copied from interface: ChildDBObject
Sets the parent of this object.

Specified by:
setParent in interface ChildDBObject


public final DBObject getParent()
Description copied from interface: ChildDBObject
Returns the parent of this object, if one exists. This does not return the Schema for a SchemaObject. Schema's are not considered part of the ownership parent tree.

Specified by:
getParent in interface ChildDBObject
Specified by:
getParent in interface DBObject


public final <T extends DBObject> T findParent(java.lang.Class<T> parentClass)
Looks in the parent heirachy of this object for an object of the given class. For example frag.findParent( SQLQuery.class ) on a valid SQLFragment instance will return the SQLQuery in its heirachy (if one exists).

parentClass - the type of parent object to look for
a parent object of the given type


protected void copyToImpl(AbstractChildDBObject copy,
                          DBObject copyParent,
                          IDPolicy idPolicy)

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11g Release 1 (11.1.1)


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