Chapter 2. JDO Tutorials

2.1. Kodo JDO Tutorials
2.1.1. Tutorial Requirements
2.2. Kodo JDO Tutorial
2.2.1. The Pet Shop Included Files Important Utilities
2.2.2. Getting Started Configuring the Datastore
2.2.3. Inventory Maintenance Persisting Objects Deleting Objects
2.2.4. Inventory Growth
2.2.5. Behavioral Analysis Complex Queries
2.2.6. Extra Features
2.3. Reverse Mapping Tool Tutorial
2.3.1. Magazine Shop
2.3.2. Setup Tutorial Files Important Utilities
2.3.3. Generating Persistent Classes
2.3.4. Using the Finder
2.4. J2EE Tutorial
2.4.1. Prerequisites for the Kodo J2EE Tutorial
2.4.2. J2EE Installation Types
2.4.3. Installing Kodo
2.4.4. Installing the J2EE Sample Application Compiling and Building The Sample Application Deploying Sample To JBoss Deploying Sample To WebLogic 6.1 to 7.x Deploying Sample To WebLogic 8.1 Deploying Sample To SunONE / Sun JES Deploying Sample To JRun Deploying Sample To WebSphere Deploying Sample To Borland Enterprise Server 5.2
2.4.5. Using The Sample Application
2.4.6. Sample Architecture
2.4.7. Code Notes and J2EE Tips

2.1. Kodo JDO Tutorials


The sample code for the Kodo JDO tutorials is provided as part of the stand-alone Kodo 4.1.4 release. The tutorial sample code is not distributed with WebLogic Server. You will need to download the Kodo 4.1.4 release to complete the tutorial steps described in this section. For more information, see Oracle Kodo 4.1.4.

These tutorials provide step-by-step examples of how to use various facets of the Kodo JDO system. They assume a general knowledge of JDO and Java. For more information on these subjects, see the following URLs:

2.1.1. Tutorial Requirements

These tutorials require that JDK 1.4 or greater be installed on your computer, and that java and javac are in your PATH when you open a command shell.


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