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Class DerbyAdvancedSQL

  extended by kodo.jdbc.sql.AdvancedSQL
      extended by kodo.jdbc.sql.DerbyAdvancedSQL
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class DerbyAdvancedSQL
extends AdvancedSQL

Derby-specific advanced SQL behavior.

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class kodo.jdbc.sql.AdvancedSQL
conf, dict
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 boolean canBatch(Column col)
          Returns type if the specified column can be included in batch statements.
Methods inherited from class kodo.jdbc.sql.AdvancedSQL
endConfiguration, getBatchLimit, getBatchParameterLimit, getSupportsTotalCountsForBatch, getSupportsUnion, getSupportsUnionWithUnalignedOrdering, getSupportsUpdateCountsForBatch, setBatchLimit, setBatchParameterLimit, setConfiguration, setSupportsTotalCountsForBatch, setSupportsUnion, setSupportsUnionWithUnalignedOrdering, setSupportsUpdateCountsForBatch, startConfiguration, toSelect, toSelectCount
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Constructor Detail


public DerbyAdvancedSQL()
Method Detail


public boolean canBatch(Column col)
Description copied from class: AdvancedSQL
Returns type if the specified column can be included in batch statements.

canBatch in class AdvancedSQL

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