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Web Service: Monitoring: General

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Use this page to monitor general statistics of a Web service. The page aggregates the statistics of all the servers on which this Web service is running.

Configuration Options

Name Description
Web Service

Specifies the qualified name of this Web service.

This attribute is calculated and of the form
<app name>#<app version>!<service name>.

MBean Attribute:


Specifies the URI of this Web service.

This attribute corresponds to the final part of the endpoint address in the WSDL that describes the Web Services. It is specified at development time for JAX-RPC services using the serviceURI attribute of the @WLXXXTransport JWS annotation, where XXX refers to the transport, such as HTTP, HTTPS, or JMS. For JAX-WS services, this can be set during compilation.

MBean Attribute:


The name of the Enterprise application.

MBean Attribute:


Returns the web-uri as configured in application.xml for the webapp. For a standalone war it will return the docroot (if exploded) or name of the war file (if archived).

MBean Attribute:

Context Root

Returns the context root (context path) for the webapp

MBean Attribute:

Error Count

Total number of errors.

Response Error Count

Total number of response errors.

Total Faults

Total number of security policy faults.

Invocation Count

Total number of invocations.

Response Count

Total number of responses.

Dispatch Time Average

Average dispatch time.

Execution Time Average

Average execution time.

Response Time Average

Average response time.

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