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Display thresholds in charts

Before you begin

  1. Display or create a view, as explained in Display views.
  2. Make sure a visible highlight color is specified for the chart, as explained in Set individual chart properties.
For general information about Monitoring Dashboard charts, see The Parts of a Chart.

You can indicate a threshold value on a chart to call attention to any metric value that falls outside the normal value range for that metric. When the threshold is exceeded, the metric value is displayed in the highlight color specified for the chart.

To set upper and lower threshold values for a chart:

  1. Select the chart in which you want to set the threshold values.
  2. Select the chart menu, and choose Properties.

    The Chart Properties dialog box is displayed.

  3. Enter the following:
    • In the Threshold Max. field, enter the maximum threshold value for the chart.
    • In the Threshold Min. field, enter the minimum threshold value for the chart.
  4. Click OK.

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