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Display views

Before you begin

Launch the Monitoring Dashboard.

To display a view:

  1. From the View List, select the view you wish to display.

    The view is displayed in the main Monitoring Dashboard display area, replacing any view that may be currently visible. (Only one view can be displayed at a time.)

  2. To generate metric data for the charts in the view, see Start and stop views.
  3. Optionally, you may do the following tasks:
    Note that built-in views cannot be modified, deleted, or renamed. However, they can be copied, and you can modify the copy. See Copy a view.


Views, and the changes you make to them, are automatically persisted in the data archive when you exit from the Monitoring Dashboard, and are available to you the next time you launch the Monitoring Dashboard. For more information, see Using the Monitoring Dashboard.

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