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Package oracle.odi.domain.project.interfaces

This package contains Oracle Data Integrator Interface implementation.


Interface Summary
IInterfaceSubComponent This interface is used to mark objects contained in an interface.
IOptionnallyPersistedObject This interface marks objects that may or may not be persisted in the repository.
These objects exist in memory, but for performance reasons we would not want to persist them.
ISourceColumn Implementations of this class represent columns that can be found in source datastores of OdiInterfaces.
These source columns are not persisted in the repository, and are merely a view in memory of the real underlying columns in the source datastore.

Class Summary
DataSet This class represents a dataset inside an OdiInterface.
Filter This class represents a filter in an interface.
GenericClause This class represents a generic clause in an interface, which is either a join or a filter.
Join This class represents a join in an interface.
JournalizedSourceColumn This class represents columns for a journalized source datastore in an interface.
ObjTrace This class represents trace messages of an object in the repository.
SourceColumn A basic implementation for source columns.
Note that the objects returned by the getters are provided for read-only purposes.
SourceDataStore A class that represents a OdiDataStore object that is used as a source in an ODI interface.
SourceDataStoreExpressionContext A IExpressionContext expression context interface implementation that can be used to retrieve the valid expression matching tags for a SourceDataStore source instance.
SourceSet A source set groups all joins and mappings that will be executed on the same physical schema.
TargetColumn A target column is a column of a OdiInterface.TargetDataStore in an OdiInterface.
It contains information about how the column is mapped (indicators, potentially a target SQL mapping text).
When the target datastore has an underlying OdiDataStore, each TargetMapping points to one OdiColumn of this OdiDataStore.
In this case, TargetColumns are persisted according to an IMappingPersistencePolicy for obvious performance reasons (on a target datastore with 500 columns on which only 10 columns are mapped, this can make a difference).
On temporary target datastores, target columns do not reflect an OdiColumn and are systematically persisted.
Note that all setters in this class should not be used directly.
TargetMapping This class represents a mapping in an interface.
The mapping is in a dataset and has an execution location.
Created on 20 dec.
TemporaryTargetUpdateKey This class represents the target update key for an interface when the target of the interface is a temporary datastore.

Enum Summary
Filter.FilterType Types of filter for a filter clause.
ObjTrace.TraceSeverity Severity of trace message.
ObjTrace.TraceType Types of trace message.

Package oracle.odi.domain.project.interfaces Description

This package contains Oracle Data Integrator Interface implementation. Classes in this package allow access of the objects contained in an interface. The use of the classes in this package should be restricted to read-only. To create an interface, use classes that extend IInteractiveInterfaceHelper such as InteractiveInterfaceHelperWithActions.


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