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Class InterfaceActionAddDataSet

  extended by
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public class InterfaceActionAddDataSet
extends java.lang.Object
implements IInterfaceAction

InterfaceActionAddDataSet is an interface action class used to add a DataSet object to an ODI interface data. When the interface is created, it will already contain one data set by default. The purpose of a DataSet object is to group interface sources into a subset of sources that will be used by set operation, such as UNION or INTERSECT. Many interfaces only need the one default data set, a new one should be added only if a set operation is needed.

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Constructor Summary
InterfaceActionAddDataSet(java.lang.String pName, java.lang.String pOperator, java.lang.Integer pOrder)
          Constructor for the data set creator action object.
Method Summary
 void performAction(IInterfaceActionListener pInterfaceActionListener, IInterfaceUndoListener pInterfaceUndoListener, IActionHelper pActionHelper)
          Action that is performed on the ODI interface objects.
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Constructor Detail


public InterfaceActionAddDataSet(java.lang.String pName,
                                 java.lang.String pOperator,
                                 java.lang.Integer pOrder)
Constructor for the data set creator action object.

pName - The name of the new dataset
pOperator - The operator that will be used to merge this dataset with the previous one. Should ordinarily be one of: UNION, UNION ALL, INTERSECT, MINUS
pOrder - The placement in the order of datasets. If null the newly created dataset is added last.
Method Detail


public void performAction(IInterfaceActionListener pInterfaceActionListener,
                          IInterfaceUndoListener pInterfaceUndoListener,
                          IActionHelper pActionHelper)
Description copied from interface: IInterfaceAction
Action that is performed on the ODI interface objects.

Specified by:
performAction in interface IInterfaceAction
pInterfaceActionListener - the interface action listener instance
pInterfaceUndoListener - the interface undo listener instance
pActionHelper - the action helper instance

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