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Class InterfaceActionOnGenericClauseSetIndexType

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public class InterfaceActionOnGenericClauseSetIndexType
extends InterfaceActionOnGenericClauseAbstract

InterfaceActionOnGenericClauseSetIndexType is an interface action class used to set the index type for a generic clause. The index type indicates the type of index that may be created in order to improve the performance of the generic clause. A generic clause can be a Filter, TargetMapping, Join.

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Nested Class Summary
static class InterfaceActionOnGenericClauseSetIndexType.IndexTypeNumber
          The number of the source that will use the index.
Constructor Summary
InterfaceActionOnGenericClauseSetIndexType(GenericClause pGenericClause, OdiIndexType pIndexType, InterfaceActionOnGenericClauseSetIndexType.IndexTypeNumber pIndexTypeNumber)
          Constructor for the action class.
Method Summary
 void performAction(IInterfaceActionListener pInterfaceActionListener, IInterfaceUndoListener pInterfaceUndoListener, IActionHelper pActionHelper)
          Action that is performed on the ODI interface objects.
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Constructor Detail


public InterfaceActionOnGenericClauseSetIndexType(GenericClause pGenericClause,
                                                  OdiIndexType pIndexType,
                                                  InterfaceActionOnGenericClauseSetIndexType.IndexTypeNumber pIndexTypeNumber)
Constructor for the action class.

pGenericClause - The clause for which to set the index type.
pIndexType - The OdiIndexType instance representing the index type.
pIndexTypeNumber - The index type number, one of : IndexTypeNumber.ONE, IndexTypeNumber.TWO
Method Detail


public void performAction(IInterfaceActionListener pInterfaceActionListener,
                          IInterfaceUndoListener pInterfaceUndoListener,
                          IActionHelper pActionHelper)
Description copied from interface: IInterfaceAction
Action that is performed on the ODI interface objects.

pInterfaceActionListener - the interface action listener instance
pInterfaceUndoListener - the interface undo listener instance
pActionHelper - the action helper instance

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