Adds build parameters to every indexer execution.

  • This can be used to force optimization to occur after every indexing bulkload instead of every few bulkloads. For example, when a collection is not fully merged, the collection can be spread over many files, making searching inefficient and consuming many file handles.

  • Default is an empty string.

Type and Usage


  • Each build parameter is prefixed with a hyphen. For example, -repair.

  • If a build parameter has its own sub-parameters, the first sub-parameter does not have a hyphen. For example, -optimize maxmerge.

  • If a build parameter has multiple sub-parameters, each sub-parameter after the first one is prefixed with a hyphen. For example, -optimize maxmerge -squeeze.

    Parameter Description
    -repair Repairs the collection.
    -servlev Overrides the service level to allow collection functions to be enabled, using one or more of the following parameters:

    search: Enables search and retrieval.

    optimize: Enables collection optimization.

    assist: Enables building of the word list.

    housekeep: Enables housekeeping of unneeded files.

    insert: Enables adding and updating documents.

    delete: Enables document deletion.

    backup: Enables backup.

    purge: Enables background purging.

    repair: Enables collection repair.

    index: Same as insert -delete.

    dataprep: Same as search -optimize -assist -housekeep -index.




Used as a configuration entry:


AdditionalIndexBuildParams=-optimize maxclean

AdditionalIndexBuildParams=-optimize maxmerge -squeeze