This function loads a schema table and places it on the page as a ResultSet named SchemaData. The column names in the ResultSet are the same as the names in the database table.

This function is most useful to obtain a list of dependent choices based on a parent value.

Type and Usage


Takes three parameters:

  • The name of the schema view used.

  • The relation for the schema and the view.

  • The value for the schema parent.


Assume you have a schema table and view for a list of countries. The view is named Country_view..

To output the contents of that table to the page, use the following code.

<$getViewValuesResultSet("Country_View", "", "")$>
<$loop SchemaData$>
<$count = 0, num = rsNumFields("SchemaData")$>
    <$loopwhile count < num$>
        <$fieldName=rsFieldByIndex("SchemaData", count)$>
        <$fieldName$> = <$getValue("SchemaData", fieldName)$>
        <$count = count + 1$>

This will output the table even if you do not know the column name.

In the following example, assume you have a DCL for the fields Country and State. The list of States depends on which Country is selected. To obtain the list of States when the Country is USA, use this code:

<$getViewValuesResultSet("State_View", "Country_State", "USA")$>