Defines data parameters to include in HTTP header responses.

This is a comma-delimited list.

The format for encoding the name value pairs is the typical hda format after applying the Content Server HTTP header encoding.

The values are UTF-8 encoded and special characters are %xx encoded.

This setting is specifically designed for Web server plug-ins that want to audit the requests made by the client. The plug-ins can examine the HTTP headers in the responses, but not the body of the content. By pushing some of the parameters of the request into an HTTP header response, a plug-in can audit which documents were accessed and what actions were performed on them.

The name of the HTTP header generated by the Content Server when sending a response to an HTTP-based client is IdcVariables.

Type and Usage




If IdcHttpHeaderVariables=IdcService,dDocName, then prior to the UTF-8 encoding being applied, the header value might be:

@Properties LocalData
blDateFormat=M/d{/yy}{ h:mm[:ss]{ a}}!mAM,PM!tAmerica/New_York

The UTF-8 encoding would leave all the above characters alone, except that it would change every line feed character into the %0A characters. The blDateFormat is the system date format for the Content Server.