Defines the time that the Content Server will wait before it will treat an Indexer lock file whose timestamp has not changed as having expired. The system will also touch any locks it is maintaining twice during this interval.

An Indexer lock is created by placing a lock file into an appropriate directory. In order for the lock to persist, the timestamp on the file must change periodically. Otherwise the Content Server will treat the lock as an expired lock.

The smaller the value of this setting, the quicker that locks can alternate between Indexing cycles. The larger the value, the more likely that high activity (which could keep a touch request delayed for many seconds) will cause the Content Server to falsely report a lock as having expired. If a lock is falsely expired, it can cause duplicated effort (although it should not have any long term impact on the state of the Content Server).

Default is 12000 milliseconds (12 seconds).

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As a configuration setting:


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