Used with the Link Manager functionality.

This variable provides a list of file formats that Link Manager disregards during the link extraction process. By default, this is empty.

There are some file formats (such as Word) that need to be converted by HtmlExport before links can be extracted. However, links in text-based file formats (HTML) can be extracted by Link Manager without requiring conversion by HtmlExport.

For example, you may have PHP files (or files in some other custom format) that are actually text-based. For such files, conversion by HtmlExport may not be necessary before Link Manager processes them for link extraction. Such formats can be listed in this configuration variable.

Type and Usage


The only parameter(s) are the formats.




In the following example, specifying the full MIME type format limits the variations of the listed types that are excluded. For example, listing application/msword will not exclude application/vnd.msword or other variations. In this case, you must include each specific MIME type variation in the list that you want to exclude.


In the following example, all variations of each MIME type in the list are excluded. Using the shortened format of the MIME type is more advantageous in that it allows greater flexibility.



Link Manager does not use HtmlExport to convert files that contain any of the following strings in the file format: hcs, htm, image, text, xml, jsp, and asp. These files are handled by Link Manager without need for conversion. To check the current file formats and extension mappings of your system, use the File Formats window in the Configuration Manager

See Also

  • Managing Repository Content Guide for details about using Link Manager.