Defines the level of detail for entries in the Indexer log files.

The log files are located at /weblayout/groups/secure/logs/.

The following list shows the debug levels:

Level Description
none No log is generated. This is the default.
verbose Displays information for each file accessed. Indicates indexed, ignored, or failed, and generates a full report.
debug Additional information at the functional level is generated.
trace Information is logged as each activity is performed.
all A full report including debug, trace, and verbose information is generated.


If you set the debug level to anything but none, a log file will be generated for each index cycle. You may need to perform system maintenance periodically to reduce the number of log files.

Type and Usage


  • Repository Manager, Indexer tab, Configure, Indexer Debug Level

  • IntradocDir/config/config.cfg


Used as a configuration entry: