This Content Server configuration variable is specific to URM. Set this variable to true to display the following create external source features in your interface:

  • Create <external_source_name> Item option in the External Content, <external_source_name> submenu. Note that the External Content menu is displayed only if an external source has been created.

  • Create <external_source_name> Record option (record categories) or Check in New <external_source_name> Item option (non-record categories) in the Action menu on the Exploring Retention Category page.

  • Create <external_source_name> Record option (record categories only) in the Action menu on the Exploring Records Folder page.

  • Link New <external_source_name> Item option in the Action menu on any link page.

When set to false, these features will not be displayed.

The default is FALSE.

Type and Usage




Used as a configuration entry: