Retrieves the exit condition for a workflow step.

Type and Usage


Takes three parameters:

  • The first parameter is the workflow name.

  • The second parameter is the step name.

  • The third parameter is the exit condition to be displayed.


Returns the exit condition expression.


The following code in the IdcHomeDir/resources/core/templates/workflow_info.htm template page is used to display the exit condition on the Workflow Step Information page:

<$wfDisplayCondition(dWfName, currentStepName, "wfAdditionalExitCondition")$>


  • dWfName is the internal variable for the workflow name.

  • currentStepName is set earlier in the template page to be equal to dWfStepName, which is the internal variable for the step name.

  • wfAdditionalExitCondition is the internal variable for the exit condition expression. Typical exit condition output would look like:

    dSecurityGroup like "Secure"