This function takes an internal workflow step type value and turns it into a human readable label. For example, :C:CA:CE: is the three states :C: (contribution), :CA: (autocontribute or original author step) and :CE: (Edit revision). Applying the Idoc script function the label might become "Auto Contributor, Edit Revision".

Here are the possible current states.

States Description
:CA: Auto contribution step or step that occurs before all administrator defined workflow steps ("original author handles document rejection").
:CE: Edit current revision. All edits replace current revision.
:CN: Create new revision. All edit create new revision.
:R: Review. Document can be approved or rejected.
:C: Contribution. The document can be edited.

A workflow document step state has all the states that are true for it combined as a single fields with multiple values separated by colons (:) (redundant colons are eliminated). So a contributor/reviewer step that creates new revisions would have the state :R:C:CE:. Order does not matter. But :C: must be present even though it can be presumed by the presence of :CE: (:CE: also implies that the step is a contributor step). The value :C: accurately describes one capability of the current workflow step and the Content Server does not chase implication rules (:CE: -> :C:) so the Content Server will see the absence of :C: (even with :CE: present) as a statement that the workflow step does not allow core contributor types of activities (such as checkout or undo checkout).

Type and Usage


The only parameter is the internal workflow step type value.