This function sorts an existing result set using the rules defined in a particular dynamicdata table.

Type and Usage


The following table lists parameters for the function.

Parameters Description
dataTableName The name of the dynamicdata table to use for its sorting rules.
resultSetName The name of the result set into which the dynamicdata table should be appended.


If the sorting is successfully performed, it returns True.


<@dynamicdata MyDataTable@><?commatable sortcolumn="order" sortType="int" sortOrder="asc"?>user,    service,            orderjane,    DOC_INFO,           10bob,     GET_SEARCH_RESULTS, 20annette, CHECKIN_NEW,        30<@end@>

<$exec rsCreate("MyResultSet")$>
<$exec rsAppendNewRow("MyResultSet")$>
<$MyResultSet.user = "james"$>
<$MyResultSet.service = "GET_FILE"$>
<$MyResultSet.order = 75$>
<$exec rsAppendNewRow("MyResultSet")$>
<$MyResultSet.user = "zoe"$>
<$MyResultSet.service = "DOC_INFO_BY_NAME"$>
<$MyResultSet.order = 20$>
<$exec ddApplyTableSortToResultSet("MyDataTable", "MyResultSet")$>