Loads all the includes in a specified content item for use in the display of the current page.

  • The content item specified must have the file extension idoc.

  • This function sets StatusCode as a side effect. Use the abortToErrorPage function if the specified file must successfully load for the page to correctly display.

Type and Usage


Takes a CGI-encoded parameter list that specifies a content item that is checked into the Content Server. The parameter options are listed in the following table.

Optional Parameters Description
dID If dID is not present, dDocName and RevisionSelectionMethod must be present. A rendition of the revision of the content item with this ID will be returned, if it exists, and the RevisionSelectionMethod parameter does not exist or has the value Specific.
dDocName It is recommended that dDocName be present in all requests for content items where the dDocName is known. Error messages assume that it is present, as do other features such as forms.
  • If dDocName is not present, dID must be present and RevisionSelectionMethod must not be present.

  • If RevisionSelectionMethod is present, a rendition of a revision of the content item with this name with be returned, if it exists.

  • If RevisionSelectionMethod is not present, dDocName may be used in error messages.

RevisionSelectionMethod If present, dDocName must be present. The value of this variable is the method used to compute a dID from the specified dDocName. The value may be Specific, Latest, or LatestReleased.
  • Specific: The dDocName is ignored, dID is required and is used to get a specific revision.

  • Latest: The latest revision of the content item (including revisions in a workflow) is used to compute the dID.

  • LatestReleased: The latest released revision of the content item is used to compute the dID.

  • If not present, Rendition defaults to Primary. This parameter specifies the rendition of the content item.
  • If the value is Primary, Web, or Alternate, the primary, web-viewable, or alternate rendition of the selected revision is returned.


When used in .hcsp pages, the ampersand (&) character in the CGI-encoded parameter list must be changed to the & character.




Loads the resource includes in the primary vault rendition of the latest revision of mydoc.


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