Excludes the metadata field unless the local variable is set to TRUE while the include is evaluated.

This variable is typically used to set a custom location for a metadata field. It allows a field to be defined on a page more than once, with the location of the field that is actually generated depending on the value of this variable.

Type and Usage


  • Returns TRUE if the metadata field is included at that location on the page.

  • Returns FALSE if the metadata field is excluded from that location on the page.


Includes the current metadata field on the page:


Sets a custom variable depending on the active value of isRelocated for the current metadata field:

<$isCustomExcluded = getValue("#active", fieldName & ":isExcluded")$>
<$isCustomRelocated = getValue("#active", fieldName & ":isRelocated")$>
<$if isCustomExcluded or (isCustomRelocated and not isRelocated) or isExcluded or (isFieldHidden and not isFormSubmit)$>
    <$isFieldExcluded = 1$>

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