Retrieves the value of a localization string based on the current user's locale.

Type and Usage


Takes one required parameter and any number of optional parameters:

  • The first parameter is the localization key (such as apLabelHelp or wwMyString).

  • The optional parameters are expressions that are resolved according to arguments inside curly braces in the localized string (for example, {1}).


  • Returns the value of the localization string for the current user's locale.

  • Returns the string ID (such as wwMyString) if the value is not found.


Retrieves the options for metadata search operators on a search page:

<select name="op" >
    <option value="Contains"><$lc("wwContains")$>
    <option value="Matches"><$lc("wwMatches")$>
    <option value="Starts"><$lc("wwStarts")$>
    <option value="Ends"><$lc("wwEnds")$>
    <option selected value="Substring"><$lc("wwSubstring")$>

Sets the subject line for a workflow started notification e-mail. If the name of the workflow (dWfName) is Marketing, the resulting value in English is Workflow 'Marketing' has been started.

<@dynamichtml wf_started_subject@>
    <$lc("wwWfStarted", dWfName)$>