A utility function for adding new rows to a ResultSet. The values list is a comma-delimited list of values (using the escape rule of ',' -> '^', '^' -> '#^', '#' -> '##' to encode each value) split up into rows. Assume nfields is the number of fields in the ResultSet. The values list is split up into rows by counting nfields values to create a new row and then taking the next nfields values to create each following row and so on. If the number of values is not an exact multiple of nfields then the last row has its fields values padded out with empty strings. This function is useful for compactly hard coding ResultSets using Idoc script.

Type and Usage


Takes two parameters:

  • The first parameters the name of the ResultSet that is to get new rows.

  • The second parameter is the new values to add.


  • Returns TRUE if the function is successful.

  • Returns FALSE if the function fails.


<$rowValues = "a1, b1, a2, b2"$>
<$rsCreateResultSet("ResultSet1", "ColumnA, ColumnB")$>
<$rsAppendRowvalues("ResultSet1", rowValues$>
<table border=2>
    <$loop ResultSet1$>

The resulting HTML would look like the following.

Column A Column B
Column A Column B
A1 B1
A2 B2