Merges the rows of one ResultSet into another. If the value from the rsNameSource ResultSet in the rsCommonField field matches the value for the same field in a row for rsNameTarget, then that row will be replaced. Otherwise, the row from rsNameSource will be appended. If there are multiple rows in rsNameTarget that are matched by the same value, then only the first row is replaced and it is replaced by the last row in rsNameSource that has a matching row. Any fields in the ResultSet rsNameSource that are not in rsNameTarget are added as new fields to rsNameTarget. This function is best performed on ResultSets that have only unique values in the rsCommonField field so that issues with multiple matches are avoided.

Type and Usage


Takes three parameters:

  • The first parameter (rsNameTarget) is the ResultSet that will be modified by the merge.

  • The second parameter (rsNameSource) is the ResultSet containing the rows that will be merged into the target.

  • The third parameter (rsCommonField) is the field that occurs in both results sets that will be used as the basis of the merge.


  • Returns TRUE if the function is successful.

  • Returns FALSE if the function fails.


<$rsMerge(rsNameTarget, rsNameSource, commonField$>

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